Design - My experience as a designer has been varied and eclectic. I have a solid grasp of design principles and a knack for combining them with the client's requirements. I have designed and implemented projects over a broad range of media, including print, internet, video/TV and multimedia. I have worked as an art director – responsible for shaping the design through others – and as a graphic artist whose goal was to implement the project as directed. I work well within a team regardless of my role.

Layout - I have extensive layout experience. I have been responsible for projects in a broad range of mediums including billboards and outdoor media, brochures, bus backs, business forms, catalogues, magazines, newsletters, point-of-purchase displays, product sell sheets, signage, software interfaces, stationery, tabletop/tradeshow displays, and web sites - just to name a few. I have experience using InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. I am equally proficient in implementing the designs of others as I am developing my own.

Illustration - I have created illustrations in a variety of media and forms. I usually work based on a specific style that the client has seen and wishes to emulate. I have experience with ink, graphite, coloured pencil, gouache and digital editing, or any combination of these. In recent years I have focused on digital images, refining my illustration skills using Photoshop and Illustrator – although the preliminary designs are usually done in pencil. This is partially due to the fact that time and budget can rarely accommodate other mediums which are less forgiving when it comes to changes and edits.

Internet - I have extensive experience with HTML and CSS as well as creating digital graphics, primarily in Photoshop. I prefer to do layout in Dreamweaver but can also work directly in code and find this especially beneficial while developing a site’s style sheets. I have also had experience directing programmers and coders on various projects where I would create the basic layout (HTML/CSS) and graphical elements, then direct the team in the final assembly of the site (usually database driven sites using ASP or PHP.) For the last couple years I have been developing content management based sites using Joomla! for the base architecture. Currently I am studying PHP and SQL to help expand my web site development skills. I also have some experience with Cartweaver PHP (e-commerce system).

Writing - I have been a contributing writer for Real Women magazine, writing the 40s Guy Point of View and a number of restaurant reviews. I also have experience as a copywriter - many of the companies whom I have worked for in the past have used my copy writing skills for smaller projects.

Photography - I enjoy photography and have been taking photographs since college. My photos have been used in Real Women magazine as well as for various marketing materials while working for Sharpfusion and SW Design.

Other skills - I have some experience working with digital video, sound editing and applications such as Flash and Director.

- I read every day, preferring the science fiction genre. I also enjoy comicbooks and graphic novels for both the artwork and as a distinctive and often innovative story-telling medium.

Pottery - I have been working with clay on and off for the last couple of years. I find it fun and therapeutic. In addition to throwing pots on the wheel I also work in slump molding, extrusion and coil pots. My goal is to expand on these skills and create original works of art.

Woodworking - I enjoy working in both rough and finished carpentry. My eventual goal is to design and build furniture, both traditional and of my own design.

Other interests - I enjoy photography, art (I work in graphite and coloured pencil when time allows), gardening, cooking, and theatre. I was on the board of the London Fringe Theatre Festival for 5 years and was an adjudicator with the Brickenden Theatre Awards committee for 4 years. I try to attend at least a couple of theatrical productions every month.